QuickScan QD2430, 2D Area Imager, USB Kit with Cable, Black

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The QuickScan QD2400 2D Imager is designed to meet the needs of retailers and the market demand with its omnidirectional reading. This imager features a new aiming system and illimitation to reduce the visual stress during 2D scanning activities. It consists of a firm, dark red illimitation combined with two blue LED triangles to address the targeted barcode. Ideal for point-of-sale applications and commercial services.

  • Imaging Technology: Features 2D readings from mobile phone displays to loyalty cards. 
  • Perfect for Retailers: Outstanding omnidirectional reading performance and durability at an affordable price.  
  • Reading Capability: Imager provides a fast and reliable scan from a robust 2D imager.  
  • Decoding: 1D Codes, GS1 Linear Codes, 2D Codes, Postal Codes, Stacked Codes, Code 39, PDF417, UPC, Data Matrix

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