Shimpo DT-205LR-S12 Handheld Tachometer with 12" Wheel, LCD Display, 6 - 99999rpm Range


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The Shimpo DT-205LR-S12 portable contact/noncontact tachometer has a 12-inch wheel, measures rotational speed, linear speed, and total length, and has a laser beam for noncontact measurements. This portable contact/noncontact tachometer has a 12-inch wheel and is used for measuring the speed of motors, conveyor belts, and other moving and rotational systems. It measures rotational speed, linear speed, and total length for flexibility of use. Its optical sensor is a laser beam that works at a distance from 1 inch to 20 feet for user safety. The five-digit LCD screen presents test results and the unit of measurement. It stores up to 13 readings, including the maximum, minimum, and last test result values for ease of data recall. A die-cast aluminum body provides durability in harsh environments, and the device can be tripod-mounted and locked to take continuous measurements. The tachometer conforms to NIST standards for compliance with regulations, and the CE mark indicates compliance with applicable EU directives. It comes with a 12-inch wheel, a contact adapter, two cone adapters, a funnel adapter, a 3.5-inch extension shaft, a carrying case, reflective tape, and an NIST certificate. This tachometer is suitable for measuring rotational speed and other measurements in mechanical or industrial engineering environments. The laser in the DT-205LR is Class II and has less than <1 mW of output.

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