Zebra DS8178 Wireless 2D Standard Ranger Imager with Cradle, DS8178-SR


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The Zebra DS8178-SR features the most manageable tools that improve your performance in 1D and 2D decoding. With its 800 MHz microprocessor and high-resolution megapixel sensor, this scanner captures the most problematic barcodes. You no longer need to locate and position a barcode before scanning. This DS8178 is ideal for a large volume of scanning.

  • Superior Scan Range: High resolution sensor with a scanning range up to 24in/61cm
  • Swappable Battery Options: Ability to use a Li-Ion battery that can decode up to 65,000 scans on a full charge or a Powercap Capacitor that can decode up to 2,000 scans on a full charge.  
  • Easy-to-Use Application: You can control this scanner's beeper, vibration, and LED to your preference and display barcode data.  
  • Keyboard Support: Scanner can support over 90 international keyboards.  
  • Multiple Barcodes: Ability to captures multiple barcodes on paper or mobile devices, such as 1D, 2D, UPC, PDF417, Code 39, MaxiCode, QR Code, Postal Codes. 

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